gear goggles

get a better look.


Musicians are intelligent.  Creative.  Sometimes frugal.  And always picky.

We all have gear lust from time to time, whether it’s the signature instrument of your favorite artist, the coolest new effects or amps, or the latest studio or live gear.  Often these items are out of reach for most working musicians.  I have made it a practice to research, and research, and research, to find instruments and gear comparable to their pro counterparts at prices almost anyone can afford.

And rarely do we tap the full potential of the items we buy.  There are devils in the details that can provide us with even more features and fun than we even thought.

This site isn’t meant to be a “shootout” or “sound test” site.  And you won’t find tons of “instructional” videos that you have to sift through to get the smallest little nugget of information that you were actually looking for.  There are plenty of those on the interweb.  My goal instead is to provide you with my straight-forward research and insight on the lesser-known things – albeit instruments, equipment, or features of hardware and software, that will hopefully help you make great purchases, and then use those items to their fullest.



“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius

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